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Black Dragon Kickboxing K1 Martial Arts School Cavan

Cadets (age 8 – 13)

At Black Dragon Cavan, boys and girls learn self-defence, self-confidence and discipline while having fun in a safe and entertaining group class format.

Our Cadets classes combine martial arts & kickboxing, as well as agility drills and skills.
It is a high-energy programme for kids that is fun and exciting for all ages. And it’s a great way for them to get out their energy and frustrations too.

In each and every session, we are helping your child's discipline and confidence grow.
We help students learn at their own pace and develop mental toughness like never before.

cadets receiving their certs
cadets class
cadets class
cadets class
cadets practice
cadets class
cadets class
cadets class
cadets class


Black Dragon Cavan kickboxing K1 was established in Cavan 15 years ago. BDC kickboxing K1 syllabus involves a wide variety of strikes, joint locks, controlled takedowns, grappling restraints, and releases, covering every possible means of protecting yourself in a self-defence situation. There is a natural progression for students in order that they can learn more techniques. We train in the environment of a traditional dojo using the values of eastern martial arts teaching styles.


Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy Cavan Kickboxing K1
Martial Arts School
Unit 1, Moynehall,
Cavan H12 E0P9
 087 2925300